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An outdoor fire pit is an attractive feature for both new construction and existing property renovations.  A fire pit provides a unique aesthetic presence that serves to compliment the surrounding landscape.  For commercial establishments, an outdoor fire pit provides an alluring area to nurture business relationships or to simply entertain.  In the residential environment, the outdoor fire pit is a great gathering place for friends and family.  Many studies have shown that professional landscaping has a positive impact on property value and curb appeal.  With new outdoor fire pit technologies that provide improved reliability, safety, and ease of use, there is no better time to consider a fire pit for your next project.

While outdoor fire pits appear simple in theory, it is imperative that they are designed for the intended purpose.  Failure to properly consider the size of the supply line, air flow, drainage, and electrical requirements can lead to underperformance, dangerous operation, or premature failure of the fire pit components.  Proper attention must be given to component selection and installation so your customer will experience years of safe and dependable fire pit operation.

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For many years the professional staff at the Custom Fireplace Shop have worked alongside Building Contractors and Architects to develop innovative solutions for clients.  We understand the importance of budget constraints, regulations, deadlines, reliability, and we always strive to exceed customer expectations.  We seek quality solutions for our customers and offer them at fair prices.  In fact, we are a distributor for the HPC line of fire pit products because HPC is currently the only company that offers remote electronic ignition systems that have met the high standards required to achieve CSA Certification.

We provide design, installation, repair, and support services for all the products we sell.  If you have questions about the products and services we offer, or you are in need of assistance with an existing or future project, then please contact us.  We would like to hear from you.

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